Jonathan Myles-Lea 1969 – 2021


The following is written in memory of my friend, the renowned British painter, Jonathan Myles-Lea who passed away recently.

Jonathan was a brilliant individual and had an enormous influence upon me.⁣

I first reached out to him when he was going to be visiting the late Roger Scruton.⁣

I still remember checking my inbox to see that this famous artist had sent me a voice message. When I clicked on it I heard the classic British accent, which I’d become accustomed to only thought interviews of Pink Floyd and other English bands. “Well I figured I would send you a voice message, since I’m driving and that is reckless!”. ⁣

At some point he later said in reference to the political content of my page “I’m sure you’ve realized at this point that Marxism is by it’s nature satanic”. With that I realized that we would have much to talk about.⁣

What followed was almost two years of exchanging messages in which we discussed topics ranging from philosophy, sacred geometry, spirituality and my fascination as a Canadian, with the glowing quality of British art and music.⁣

As time went on we seemed to be on similar wavelengths as we would notice that we would be reading the same book or studying the same historical figures. Each message became like uncovering a piece of a sort of mystic puzzle.⁣

I was astounded and am forever grateful for the knowledge which Jonathan gave me. Through taking notes and looking up videos, music and art he suggested, my perspective became richer and it greatly impacted the way I view my surroundings.⁣ These bits of wisdom are like a talisman I will carry for life.

He also managed to connect me with a few wonderful individuals on a similar path both across the world and even in my small city which has been life changing.⁣

Life has a funny way of weaving a story with bringing together different characters through synchronicity and chance. The way someone can impact another from miles away despite never meeting in person is truly powerful.⁣

Upon hearing about Jonathan’s passing, my hope is that he has since been met by the spirit of the great William Blake to guide him to join many other British artists and thinkers in some other place which their art has given us only glimpses of.


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