Traditionalist School

The Traditionalist School is a group of 20th- and 21st-century thinkers who believe in the existence of a perennial wisdom or perennial philosophy, primordial and universal truths which form the source for, and are shared by, all the major world religions.

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Thomas Cole’s The Course Of Empire (in his own words)


Thomas Cole’s importance and influence as an American artist exploded during the mid‐​1830s and his career flourished in the early 1840s. He deeply influenced his immediate peers and successive generations of American artists. He transformed the landscape genre from a reflective art to a medium of expressing historical, social, and political theory.

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Mundus Imaginalis, or the Imaginary and the Imaginal

A seminal text introducing the terms Imaginal and Mundus Imaginalis, and their distinction from the merely imaginary or utopian.

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Beyond Mind – Steps to a Meta-transpersonal Psychology

Though broadening the scope of consciousness may give access to the transpersonal realm and the experiences of cosmic unity, and so on, that are characteristic of it, this does not necessarily amount to the transcendence of ego-delusion.

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Principles and Criteria of Art

Man by his theomorphism is at the same time a work of art and also an artist; a work of art because he is an “image”, and an artist because this image is that of the Divine Artist.

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The Universality of Sacred Art

It must be borne in mind that a sacred symbol is not merely a conventional sign; it manifests its archetype by virtue of a certain ontological law. As Ananda Coomaraswamy has observed, a sacred symbol is, in a sense, that which it expresses. For this very reason, traditional symbolism is never devoid of beauty.

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