Beyond Mind – Steps to a Meta-transpersonal Psychology

Elias Capriles

Added on July 16, 2020

Many transpersonal psychologists seem to identify sanity with transpersonal experience in general-in some cases, including in this category the “illusory experiences” of previous reincarnations, divine archetypes, and so on. Herein, a psychology is outlined that I call metatranspersonal, insofar as it does not consider access to transpersonal realms per se to be the purpose of therapy. This aim can only be overcoming the delusion that consists of experiencing the relative as absolute, the illusory as real, that which we posit as given, the interdependent as independent, and so forth.

Elias Capriles studied Philosophy at the graduate level at the Central University of Venezuela (Caracas), and at the postgraduate level at the University of The Andes (Merida, Venezuela). He carried out his studies on Buddhist and in general Asian spirituality, philosophy and psychology outside academic institutions, with Tibetan teachers and through his own reading and research. The same applies to his studies on psychology, which were carried out through extensive readings and his own practice at the spiritual emergency refuges he ran in India and Nepal in the mid 1970s. He also carried out his own independent psychedelic research in the 1960s and 1970s in Venezuela, India and Nepal. From 1977 through December 1982 he spent most of his time in retreat, intensively practicing Dzogchen in caves and cabins in the Himalayas

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Capriles, E. (2000). Capriles, E. (2000). Beyond mind: Steps to a metatranspersonal psychology. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 19(1), 163–183.. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 19 (1).

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