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Welcome to the Era of Visions library. We intend this library to be a useful resource for students, teachers, artists, researchers, authors and people who love visionary and sacred art. On this page are some recommended starting point articles that work well to lead into the various parts of the library.

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Remaking Cultural Sense – The Symbolist World of Peladan

Sasha Chaitow

Symbolism is a forerunner of contemporary visionary art. It prefigures the transformation from classical and traditional premodern forms into a more dynamic, idiosyncratic personal vision. It is with great pleasure that Era Of Visions can share this original interview with Sasha Chaitow, who generously shared her expertise. Sasha is a contemporary scholar of the Symbolist Movement, who has focussed her research on the enigmatic, influential figure known as Peladan.

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An Interview with Daniel Mirante

Daniel Mirante is an artist and researcher who has been influential in the development of visionary art education since 2010. In this interview we talk about art, evolution, consciousness, and his latest project, an online library and research foundation at

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On Visionary Art

The Visionary lineage predates religion, and has informed sacred art across the millennia. The Visionary artist is the eternal poet – ‘ein verschollener Stil’ is the grammar through which they speak. The lineage from these founding fathers is subtle but true. From the shaman’s etchings, this artistic spirit continues into the carvings of the ancients.

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Introduction to Transpersonal Perinatal Psychology

The symbolism of regression to the womb can be found in shamanism, myths of great heroes, fairy tales, and initiation rites. Recurring patterns of symbolic regression and rebirth appears to be a fundamental way in which pre- and perinatal experience influences postnatal consciousness.

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The Universality of Sacred Art

It must be borne in mind that a sacred symbol is not merely a conventional sign; it manifests its archetype by virtue of a certain ontological law. As Ananda Coomaraswamy has observed, a sacred symbol is, in a sense, that which it expresses. For this very reason, traditional symbolism is never devoid of beauty.

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