The Laniakea Project

The Laniakea Project is a collaboration of data-pooling between various researchers, artists, scholars and historians.

The Laniākea Project aims to chart contemporary history and produce a useful body of knowledge for students, authors and other interested parties to work from. Specifically, to create cohesive timelines and mind-maps to build a consensus understanding of ‘visionary art’.

Laniākea is the Polynesian name given to our ‘local galactic supercluster’ –  the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way and approximately 100,000 other nearby galaxies. It is amongst the vastest observable ‘structures’ in the known Universe/Existence – 520 million lightyears across.

Laniakea Supercluster Photograph by Claus Lunau/science Photo Library

The beautiful vastness of its filliamentary ‘mane’ seemed the perfect name for complexity of the mind maps and timelines emerging from this endeavour.

The Laniākea Project currently contributes to two active Phd projects, as well as informing the integrity of the Era Of Visions library and curriculum.

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