Complexity, Chaos & Emergent Order

Emergent orders result from the interactions, dependencies, or relationships they form when placed together in a system. General systems theory has applications in both social and physical sciences, from psychology and aesthetics and civilisation to biological systems within the organism and in group behaviour.

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Goddess of the Jewelled Web – Visionary Arts’ Connection to Truth

Daniel Mirante

Art striving for an existential veracity or ‘truth’ will be put upon a difficult and confusing road, forking and branching pathways; between on one hand positivist and nominalist systems tending toward rationality (as in ‘ratio’, to measure), and on the other extreme something akin to pure aesthetics, decor, and the enjoyment of a sensoric object. What we wish to seek here is a deeper meaning for the Arts which put Sacred Art upon a respectable and integral foundation.

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Some general properties of self-regulating open hierarchic order (SOHO)

The regenerative potential of organisms and societies manifests itself in fluctuations from the highest level of integration down to earlier, more primitive levels, and up again to a new, modified pattern. Processes of this type seem to play a major part in biological and mental evolution, and are symbolized in the universal death-and-rebirth motive in mythology.

Added on December 5, 2020

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