Studio Notes

Envision having an inspiring and intimate window into the studio practices and habits of the artists you admire – a glimpse into the very heart of their creative process. This is precisely what Studio Notes aims to facilitate.

Studio Notes offers a personal view of an artist’s studio, their habits, their materials, and their experimentation (including failures as well as success). Here, the emphasis is not on rigid schedules or predetermined lessons but on the flow of creativity and exploration. An ongoing conversation, a cumulative show-and-tell within a private group where questions, answers, and artistic revelations unfold over time. The aim is not to provide a comprehensive education but to offer an intimate insight into the idiosyncratic working methods of each artist, coupled with guidance.

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Daniel Mirante Studio Notes

Specialising in mischtechnik, narrative, symbolism, oil painting, process, layering.
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Alastair. E. Blain Studio Notes

Landscape, earth, wilderness, intuitive process, oil painting, mountains, atmosphere.
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How does it actually work?

Every few months, a guest artist is invited to host a group. It is conducted via Telegram group, it is access to a private group conversation, where questions, answers, show and tell within a small group may be conducted over a period of time. It is access to the methods of an artist. It is not conducted over Zoom and does not involve scheduled classes. It is a cumulative show-and-tell with the studio practice being the engine of the art, whereby interested participants may get a glimpse into the living studio practice. The artist will provide videos of their development of pieces of work, giving a good understanding of the idiosyncratic way they approach their work. They will share inspirations, documents and exercises that they believe will give interested students and artists insight into the working methods & materials of a practicing artist.

Some days a lot may happen. Other days not much, or even nothing, on such times one can pursue self-determined study or investigations on what has been gleaned. It is recommended that students choose the ‘studio notes’ with an artist who’s style they admire.

The format’s strength lies in its passive, conversational style, inviting artists to share, reveal, and advise without imposing rigid structures. The studio notes format encourages authentic mimesis (learning through imitation) as the artist explores their practice.

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Course : Studio Notes
Guest Artist : Daniel Mirante

Chanting Down Babylon by Daniel Mirante

Daniel Mirante’s work is characterised by its earthy tones and magical-realist symbolism, a form of neo-ikonography.

Daniel Mirante is a former assistant of Ernst Fuchs, a regular instructor at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, the facilitator of various retreats and courses including the Art Pilgrim at Tobias School of Art Therapy, and ‘Visions in the Mischtechnik’ at Ecovillage Torri Superiore. He has been influential in disseminating mischtechnik to New South Wales, Australia.

He currently exhibits work at Quai Branly Museum, Paris, and Mental Health Awareness Week, Westminister, London.

Artist Statement

After a number of years of instructing at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, and having taught extensively around the world on numerous retreats, I have come to realise there are certain limits to online art education that are very important to acknowledge, and the ‘presentation’ or ‘watch the artist paint’ format has much to be desired.
Studio Notes is being developed to bring to artist and students into closer communication and make it a rolling system of interaction. As someone who is indwelling, I find great value in a more conversational and interactive system of learning via discourse and by organically showing what I am doing with my paintings, as it allows me a more fluid method of feeding back to a group of artists/students in the flow of ones day.
My studio is in Gloucester, UK. ‘Studio Notes’ students are welcome to come visit. Otherwise, I will show you what I’m doing via Telegram and some prerecorded video and pdfs, how I make things, my tips, tricks, materials, what I think is interesting, what I think are best practices. However I won’t claim to know everything or be able to do everything, but I would not offer my instruction or advice if I did not think it was empowering or useful. But its useful for the kind of art I make, and this may be compatible with your approach.
If you would like to share this advisory mentorship, this dialog with me, and if you’re interested in my inspirations and how I personally approach my art, I am happy to share and open the learning conversation.

Daniel Mirante, January 2024

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Studio Notes with Daniel Mirante

Studio Notes – 2 Month with Daniel Mirante.
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Past Students’ study pieces instructed by Daniel Mirante

Please note – these represent a broad selection of experience levels. Daniel has been very happy to demonstrate and instruct in mischtechnik, soffio and tempera grassa to many emerging and well-known practicing artists.


The class helped me discover a deep connection to the visionary world. It gives knowledge of an ancient, sacred approach to painting, and makes you feel in touch with the roots of art. Daniel don’t just teach you, but guide, support and inspire for an intimate journey with your soul, where you become a creator of your own visionary world. I wish everyone has this experience of this artistic tribe of visionary art.

Era Mira

The workshop was amazing. It felt like stepping back in time, learning the ways of the old masters, including learning how to make our own paint.  I came away feeling inspired and confident and excited to apply the new techniques I had learned.

Malindi Lovegrove

“From the first day Daniel was professional, friendly, warm and welcoming. Daniel knows what it means to lead by example which is part of what I believe makes him such an excellent teacher and human being. Daniel truly embodies what it means to lives an authentic and creative life. This is clearly reflected in his gentle, loving, funny and kind demeanour. In addition to be an all around great guy, Daniel is an incredibly talented artist. An artist who possesses a vast knowledge and understanding of his craft. Daniel has a tremendous amount of patience and love for each of his students. I always felt Daniel shared his wisdom freely without holding back or keeping painting secrets just for himself. I felt that Daniel honestly wants each of his students to become the best artist they are capable of becoming. Daniel is an extremely hard worker, to say the least. Daniel worked longer days then he should have, everyday. Daniel was the life force that carried our class through this intensive process. Incredibly, each student left the course with an absolutely incredible and meaningful piece of art. I can say with full confidence you will leave Daniels workshop a better artist and likely a better human being. Bon’ Voyage!”


I had the honour of attending the Easter retreat with Daniel Mirante, it was an incredible artistic, relational and spiritual experience. I experienced a profound immersion in the traditional principles of the knowledge that comes to us from our predecessors, an alchemical journey from tradition to the new vision, the visionary one. Daniel has been able to guide me with a lot of respect and delicacy in my artistic exploration. what I appreciated most about his guide was the love, passion and humility he puts into artistic practice, into his work. thanks to the sharing of his artistic career, his history and his being, he helped me to better understand how to be a conscious artist, motivating me to grow in this. It was a pleasure to receive his teachings and his profound and wide knowledge in the symbolic / artistic / technical field. and thanks to his incredible vision! so much to learn. This experience has marked an important point in my spiritual artistic journey, thanks Daniel Mirante!”

Dyumna Mercoi