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Contributed by Daniel Mirante on December 30, 2021

Péladan’s System for Self-Initiation: Foundation Level

Dr Sasha Chaitow leads students through the process of self-initiation of Rosicrucian Joséphin Péladan

For the first time since Belle Epoque Paris, and for the first time in English, this course covers the first level of Péladan’s system for self-initiation.

The late 19th-century Parisian esoteric community gave birth to an extraordinary initiatory system, hidden and obscure – until now. Joséphin Péladan (1858 –  1918), a major mover in Symbolist art circles, created a program for esoteric self transformation centred upon artistic creativity, personal individuality, and soul purification.

This is a hybrid series of interactive workshops designed equally for scholars, practitioners, and artists, with fresh translations of the relevant material, and built in group work from whichever approach participants prefer to take. Treadwell’s Books is also offering an optional add-on: the full set of recordings of my Intro. to Western Esotericism course at a discount for those wishing to access the full bundle.

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