About: Daniel Mirante

Daniel Mirante is a gifted painter, historian, scholar, teacher and writer – at once imaginative and articulate – who shares with students a wealth of insights into the artist’s craft. He holds a broad variety of interests, from metaphor, symbols and allegory to traditional artist’s materials and photography, bricolage and collage as an aid for painting. Since a young child he has held an unwavering fascination with both nature and art. In 1999 he graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with a B.A (Hons) in Fine Art, then completed a Diploma in Sustainable Community Development with the University of Middlesex. Initiating himself into painting in 2002, he sought instruction in 2004 from Brigid Marlin, a venerable teacher in the lineage of Ernst Fuchs. His interest in visionary and sacred art was and continues to be strongly influenced by intensive ceremonial work within indigenous cultures and mystical lineages. Daniel believes the circle is complete when experience is transmitted to the next generation. Mirante has been instrumental in spreading awareness of contemporary Sacred and Visionary Art.

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