Sasha Chaitow, PhD

Sasha Chaitow PhD is a British-Greek cultural historian, a lecturer, author, and artist. Contributor to Era of Visions Library and Laniakea Project.

Sasha Chaitow, MA, MA, PhD is a cultural historian, an educator, a writer and an artist.

Sasha Chaitow
Sasha Chaitow

Over the last 20 years she has developed successful parallel careers in education, as an event manager/curator, in academic publishing, and as an independent artist, author, and public speaker. Recent and current activities include:

  • teaching research literacy and academic writing in several fields
  • developing and delivering  CPD courses in critical thinking and inquiry
  • course development for teachers and tutors in secondary and tertiary education
  • lecturing and publishing in her field
  • various roles within academic publishing
  • investigative journalism
  • international exhibitions, lectures, conference & event organisation.

She has published two books based on her research, is working on two more, and has also published extensively in peer-reviewed journals as well as magazines and professional journals. She has lectured internationally at universities and conferences and organised numerous academic conferences and symposia. In parallel, she has produced 13 solo art exhibitions in the UK, Greece, and Sweden and participated in several group exhibitions.

Sasha worked closely with her father Leon Chaitow, a world-renowned osteopath and naturopath in the last ten years, with regard to both education and translational research. She received his final instructions and wishes with regard to the management of his literary legacy comprising over 80 books and textbooks.

Between 2018-2020 Sasha worked as Managing Editor for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (Elsevier), and in 2019 she was named Series Editor for Elsevier’s “Leon Chaitow Library of Bodywork and Movement Therapies,” overseeing the revisions of her father’s books. 

She remains active in all her fields of interest, using a project-based approach to develop her various activities. Her current (2021) areas of focus include two personal art projects; working on her father’s books; completing two contracted books of her own; extensive teaching and speaking engagements; and, continuing research into the history of science and medicine.