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Tanya Maria Semaan is an artist and an art teacher from Lebanon, Middle East. She resorted to drawing and painting ever since she was a little girl as a means to play, express her artistic inclination and mostly her inner world. Tanya Maria graduated from the Lebanese American University with a Bachelor in Liberal Arts and an emphasis on Fine Arts. She then became an Art and Music school teacher (also having had an extensive musical education, studying the classical piano at the National Lebanese Conservatory). Alongside her teaching, she continued with her own experimenting with art methods, techniques and mediums. As she evolved along the years, the content of her art became more infused with the symbolic nature of the world and sacred geometry. The Psychology aspect of dealing with life through art allowed her to find some deeper purpose and meaning behind creating. Hence, she delved into the psychedelic arts that ultimately influenced her further contribution to what was going to lead to what she considers a greater Revolution of a deeper spiritual awakening through the Scriptural, visionary and prophetic dimension of the arts. With the growth of her deeper interest in Christian doctrine and philosophy, Semaan continued her education in the Christian iconographic arts with one of the best Master iconographers in Beirut. Now, alongside her being a full- time art and music school teacher whilst also running her personal studio in the Mountains of North Mount Lebanon, Semaan continues with her extensive recent 4 years, as of 2019 to study Christian Theology as her art continues to evolve infused now with a clearer message, vision and purpose. It is worth mentioning that Semaan has found all the more a deeper joy and calling as she developed a successful approach to the whole other challenging dimension of providing art education to those with special needs. Mainly however, her core interest remains driven by the Holy purpose to serve the Church of Christ worldwide, to spread the prophetic and healing Word of the Gospel proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord. Through the testimony of the sacred arts and daily life, she is on a mission that tackles the earthly mundane, the history, the present and the future of both this world and our eternal inheritance.

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