Terms & Conditions of Enrollment

Upon acceptance to the course it is important to read these Terms of Enrollment and agree to them before booking.

Just ask if you’ve any questions!

  • I acknowledge that the teacher will endevour to fulfil their role in teaching me excercises, providing me with knowledge, and giving guidance in the arena of knowledge outlined in the course. This is the teachers responsibility and commitment.
  • I acknowledge that in the study of art, sometimes learning can involve difficulty and discomfort. Whilst the teacher will make effort to support the learning curve, it is fundamentally my responsibility to stay with the program. No refunds will be given based on decisions to drop out or give up. The teacher will however be present for my learning curve for the duration of the course.
  • I acknowledge that the teacher is attempting a complex endevour in teaching art and painting through an indirect medium. There will be times where learning curves are occuring on both sides of the relationship.
  • I acknowledge that I will be given respect and patience in this relationship and I will reciprocate this intention.
  • I acknowledge that this course attempts online mentorship. It is not simply a matter of entitlement to information or extracting knowledge. The teacher is attempting to teach from the fruits of hard-won experience.
  • I understand as a student it is my responsibility to fulfil the practices and preliminary exercises given to me.
  • I understand that failure to engage or attempt or complete assignments is my own responsibility alone.
  • I understand that failure to engage or attempt or complete assigments will impede the instructors ability to further teach me.
  • I understand that if I demonstrate gross personal disrespect or abuse toward the teacher or fellow student for unwarranted or disproportionate reasons, that I will be removed from the course without negotiation or explanation.
  • I agree to treat my fellow students with respect and courtesy.
  • I understand that barring natural disasters, serious personal circumstances, illness or infrastructure interruptions (floods, wildfires, electrical grid outages, internet connection) the teacher has a responsibility to turn up to the class and will maintain this commitment.
  • Disruptions of personal life and ability to attend the course (such as ill health or other kinds of personal misfortune) will be treated sympathetically and the students place on the course will be transfered to the next course.