An Overview of our Study

First course Introduction to Mischtechnik and Tempera Grassa deals with introducing this material.

Repeat students flowing onto Intermediate Mischtechnik and Tempera Grassa work on a personal piece with more in depth information

We will explore the following dimensions of our learning curve:


  • The Symbolic Lexicon
    • Morning Practice
  • Bringing forth a World (Axioms of subcreation)
    • Light & Shade
    • Atmospheric Perspective
    • Scale Cues
    • Dark before Light
  • Heiratic & Humanistic Composition
    • Symmetry vs balance
    • The Harmonic Rectangle
    • Stylisation & Idealisation (advanced)
  • Studying the masters
    • Inspirations
  • Nested Composition (advanced)
  • Gnosis -Mythopoetic Languages (advanced)


  • Preliminary overview
    • Introduction to Mischtechnik (and variants) Part One
  • Pigments
    • Historical overview
    • Understanding pigment classes
    • Useful recipes
  • Mediums
    • Introduction to Drying oils & Binders
    • Solvents
    • Modifiers, oleoresins, balsams, varnishes (advanced)
    • Emulsive Media (egg tempera & Tempera Grassa)
    • Sun Oil (advanced)
  • History of Mischtechnik
    • Introduction to Mischtechnik (and variants) Part Two (advanced)
  • Supports & Grounds
    • Linen, canvas, panel
    • Meroflage (advanced)
  • Imprimatura
    • Traditional recipes
    • Modern variations (advanced)
  • Optical Grisaille & Optical Color Mixing
    • Introduction to Mischtechnik (and variants) Part Three
  • Brushwork, Glazing, Scumblingcovered in both beginners and advanced to greater or lesser extents.