Questions & Answers

What experience do I need to have to do this course?

Complete beginners are welcome. The workshops are good for beginners and intermediate painters. Often attendees have never painted before. This is not a problem, as the courses are guided.

What do I need in terms of computer equipment?

At absolute minimum, a fairly up to date mobile phone. Ideally a desktop or laptop computer with functioning mic, camera, good screen and decent internet connection. There are also some requirements for printing We use email, Zoom (a video conferencing software), and a private Facebook group.

What if I missed the first or second Zoom group class?

The group class are archived as video’s on Zoom so you may catch up this way

What do I need for the class?

You will be provided with specifics on enrollment, but since it is a painting course, brushes, some paint, canvas or panels, basic studio essentials, and some stand oil, turpentine and damar are involved – everything needed for basic oil painting.

What level of interaction and personal consultation do I have with the teacher?

During every Zoom meetup, the next steps ahead in the instruction are explained. Then its up to you to move forward. You may communicate directly with the teacher by email on on the forum. An ongoing, personal conversation through which mentorship can occur is at the heart of the course, by which you may ask the questions and bring attention to the areas of learning as you progress.

How long is the course?

The basic course is approximately 6 weeks, however it daisychains into more advanced study, so you may continue your progress with the curriculum.

How do I find out more about learning outcomes and what is taught?

Study the Students gallery & Testimonials page to get an idea >

Is everyone making the same pictures and worikng from same references or is the work more personal and fine grain?

The first practices and exercises for the first week (or two, depending on students progress) may be from provided references OR the student will aquire guidance as to how to source suitable reference material for the exercise. Some students dedicate to a longer learning journey and set their own pace and choose to focus on premilinaries and warm-ups thoroughly before advancing to invidual unique works of art. It will be at the instructors discretion what methods or techniques will be provided based on the student.

What time zone do courses occur in ?

This is determined by the average best solution for students. In most cases the Zoom class will be late afternoon Pacific Standard Time.