Art School

Spring (May) 2023, develop and empower your creativity by joining a mentorship in makes its curriculum accessible anywhere in the world via online mentorship & presentations. Take the journey into sacred country and initiation into core principles of visionary art & empowering art techniques. Learn venerable time tested methods to expand the mind & express your creativity, imagination & spirit.

Bookings Open for May 2023

Foundations 1 Booking for 7 week course

Early bird offer! Price after April 1st $500. Students are limited to 13.


Visionary Art Training – Optical Grisaille, Mischtechnik (Mixed Technique), Tempera Grassa, Symbolism, Collage, Worldbuilding & Nested Compositions
Instructed by Daniel Mirante

Chanting Down Babylon by Daniel Mirante
Tempera Grassa on linen. 125x195cm. 2018

Learn old masters traditions and modern mischtechnik (mixed technique), and the alchemy of paint, composition, collage and symbolism. 

Designed over the past decade in a variety of cross-cultural contexts, this curriculum aims to give understanding of methods proceeding from the 14th century Italian renaissance and through the modern visionary art forms. The course also focusses on symbolic languages, composition, collage and world-building.

This is how it works

  1. Book in for the course (DM for installment plan enquiries)
  2. Recieve before the course a password that grants access to a calendar, student forum, a list of required materials and other preperation details.
  3. Meet-up as a weekly group on Zoom for teaching and consultation.
  4. Study the provided PDF’s and inspirational materials that accompany the weekly group teaching.
  5. Observe videos and works in progress of the teacher who makes a piece alongside the group. Observe the work of fellow students developing, and ask questions and share thoughts and experiences in the students private FB group.
  6. Check-ins with your instructor across duration of course.

Learning outcomes for Beginners class

  • An introduction to the contemporary history of mischtechik.
  • Learn to make and apply ones own egg tempera and oil glazes
  • In depth exercises to gain practical understanding of the principle of underpainting
  • Introduction to principles of ‘world building’ in order to bring forth a symbolic world within the painting
  • As well as live group and personal video consultation and email check-ins, the course contains a bounty of inspirational materials, artist case studies, insight into materials and methods, meditations, and strategies and practices to planning your artwork

What experience do I need to have to do this course?

Complete beginners are welcome. The workshops are good for beginners and intermediate painters. Often attendees have never painted before. This is not a problem, as the courses are guided at every step!

What equipment do I need?

A basic requisite is canvas and oil paint. More advanced materials can be recommended upon these basics. A printer/computer is a major asset. A familiarity with photoshop or basic editing programs is not an essential but helpful for some exercises.

Do you offer discounts or bursaries or installment plans

Yes. Education should be available for all, so payment arrangements can be created on individual circumstance.


This course is for a 7 week duration. 6 weeks of teaching and a mid-term one week break gives time to integrate the teaching and develop a work of quality.

Daniel Mirante primarily instructs this course ( — an experienced and highly regarded educator in the field of fine art, creativity, and sacred art tradition. His teaching experience stretches over 10 years and includes educational initiatives such as the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, Visionary Art Australia, and Visionary Art India.
Read more about Daniel Mirante here >

You decide your time commitment ; the more time you have, the larger and more complex and ambitious your piece. However the principles can also be learnt on a smaller piece. You require minimum 6 hours a week to benefit from this course.

Read the Q&A’s to see the technical requirements of online learning (put simply, a functioning computer with camera and microphone, zoom installed, and an internet connection).

Foundations 1 Booking for 7 week course

Early bird offer! Price after April 1st $500. Students are limited to 13.


Daniel Mirante’s art involves Jungian symbol practices, collage, classical renaissance techniques, and variations of mischtechnik derived from the lineage of Ernst Fuchs. His work embraces ancient and modern approaches in a synthesis he calls ‘archeofuturism’.

Past Students’ study pieces instructed by Daniel Mirante

Please note – these represent a broad selection of experience levels. Daniel has been very happy to demonstrate and instruct in mischtechnik, soffio and tempera grassa to many emerging and well-known practicing artists.


The class helped me discover a deep connection to the visionary world. It gives knowledge of an ancient, sacred approach to painting, and makes you feel in touch with the roots of art. Daniel don’t just teach you, but guide, support and inspire for an intimate journey with your soul, where you become a creator of your own visionary world. I wish everyone has this experience of this artistic tribe of visionary art.

Era Mira

The workshop was amazing. It felt like stepping back in time, learning the ways of the old masters, including learning how to make our own paint.  I came away feeling inspired and confident and excited to apply the new techniques I had learned.

Malindi Lovegrove

“From the first day Daniel was professional, friendly, warm and welcoming. Daniel knows what it means to lead by example which is part of what I believe makes him such an excellent teacher and human being. Daniel truly embodies what it means to lives an authentic and creative life. This is clearly reflected in his gentle, loving, funny and kind demeanour. In addition to be an all around great guy, Daniel is an incredibly talented artist. An artist who possesses a vast knowledge and understanding of his craft. Daniel has a tremendous amount of patience and love for each of his students. I always felt Daniel shared his wisdom freely without holding back or keeping painting secrets just for himself. I felt that Daniel honestly wants each of his students to become the best artist they are capable of becoming. Daniel is an extremely hard worker, to say the least. Daniel worked longer days then he should have, everyday. Daniel was the life force that carried our class through this intensive process. Incredibly, each student left the course with an absolutely incredible and meaningful piece of art. I can say with full confidence you will leave Daniels workshop a better artist and likely a better human being. Bon’ Voyage!”


I had the honour of attending the Easter retreat with Daniel Mirante, it was an incredible artistic, relational and spiritual experience. I experienced a profound immersion in the traditional principles of the knowledge that comes to us from our predecessors, an alchemical journey from tradition to the new vision, the visionary one. Daniel has been able to guide me with a lot of respect and delicacy in my artistic exploration. what I appreciated most about his guide was the love, passion and humility he puts into artistic practice, into his work. thanks to the sharing of his artistic career, his history and his being, he helped me to better understand how to be a conscious artist, motivating me to grow in this. It was a pleasure to receive his teachings and his profound and wide knowledge in the symbolic / artistic / technical field. and thanks to his incredible vision! so much to learn. This experience has marked an important point in my spiritual artistic journey, thanks Daniel Mirante!”

Dyumna Mercoi

Learning Continuity – Repeat Student Earlybird Installment Plan

Early bird repeat student Jan 2023 two part installment plan

A total of $200 savings by combining early-bird with repeat student, plus 2 part installment for extra affordability.