Online Courses makes its curriculum accessible anywhere in the world via online mentorship & presentations. Learn visionary painting based in old-masters techniques. Gain knowledge in the history and practice of sacred & symbolist art traditions.

This is how it works

  1. Apply for the latest guided course >
  2. Meet-up as a group on Zoom for introduction to the theory and practice of each step
  3. Study the PDF’s and inspirational materials
  4. Observe the work in progress of the teacher who makes a piece alongside the group
  5. Check-in with one-to-one email or whatsapp consultations inbetween the group meetings

Upcoming Course

Introduction to Mischtechnik & Tempera Grassa

‘The Art Pilgrim’
Instructed by Daniel Mirante

Learn the modern mischtechnik and the alchemy of paint, composition and symbolism, with the beautiful Tempera Grassa and Oil Glazing method. 

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